Film and TV NFT’s can be bought and sold just like a work of art

This is a revolutionary concept in the film and tv industry where content has historically only been licensed for certain territories and platforms. With ritestream, an NFT owner can choose to sell the NFT in its entirety such that the new owner will benefit from future revenues generated by the NFT. The ritestream platform therefore completely democratizes content.

Each NFT can then be monetized via the ritestream platform.

ritestream already has a global network of streaming platforms

NFT earns revenue based on a pre-defined rate card

Higher viewship ratings can make the NFT more valuable

The NFT can be bought and sold through ritestream

The NFT ecosystem


Creating an NFT

A Creator with either a brand new idea or even an established franchise will be able to list their project (NFT) on the ritestream platform seeking support from the community.

Supporters of the project can purchase fractional ownership of the NFT. The Creator is then able to produce their film/tv project through the funds made available through the fractional owners of the NFT.

Monetising an NFT

ritestream has an existing network of streaming platforms that reach over a 100 million viewers worldwide. NFT's that are created on the ritestream platform gain immediate access to this network of streaming platforms and can be readily monetised through this network.

The ritestream app

To further increase monetisation opportunities for NFT's created on ritestream, we will launch a ritestream consumer app where the community can watch content, earn ritecoins, provide valuable feedback and connect to other community members.